Version 1.6 Release Notes

  • Order History for Retailers: Retailers can now see their order history in the Retailer Portal for participating vendors.
  • Success/Error folders on FTP: When your images are done processing, they are placed into success or error folders. This will indicate whether an image was successfully imported.
  • Field Grouping Edits: Field groupings can now be edited and include spaces and special characters.

Version 1.5 Release Notes

  • Image Export Resizing: Exported images will be resized so that the longest side is not longer than the size specified.
  • Custom Field Groupings on Product Detail: Create your own field groupings. Customize, rename and order field groupings however you choose.
  • Login and Download Reports: Run reports with information on which users have logged in to your account and which users have downloaded files from your account.
  • Drop & Load Import Option: Ability to change settings so that only products that are imported on the latest import are displayed as active. All other products will be displayed as inactive.
  • Data encoding enhancement: Users may now select the encoding type for product files they generate (UTF-8 or ANSI)
  • Data type prompt: Users will be prompted before they change a data type on mapped fields to avoid data loss

Version 1.4.1 Release Notes



  • Notifications: All import/export notifications should go to the user's email address listed in Settings.  Email addresses can be updated in the Settings page.
  • Receive notifications for:
    • Asset Exports
    • Product Data Exports
    • Asset Imports
    • Product Data Imports
    • File Transfers (FTP)
    • Exports containing no data

Version 1.4 Release Notes



  • Name your assets: flexible naming for asset exports and enhanced filtering

  • Group your assets: custom rule-based asset labels added to Settings

  • Hosted image assets: images are now hosted in Product FastLane with sharable URLs

  • Active products at-a-glance: One-click toggle between active and inactive products

  • Easier bulk product updates: Improved interface for updating products in bulk

  • Delete your products in bulk: Bulk deletion of products and all related assets


 Version 1.2 And 1.3 Release Notes



  • Create your own user access groups and limit user access to Products, Projects, Assets, Imports, Exports, Settings and Retailer Portal  
  • Retailer Portal where individual retail users can access the data and assets that you give them permission to access
  • Support for the external FTPs of your choosing
  • Field concatenation on export templates – combine multiple fields into one field on export
  • Custom values on export can now include blanks
  • Asset upload contains a larger field area to drop assets


  • Users can update external FTP targets on screen
  • HTML encoded values are now properly decoded upon export
  • Exports can target nested folders on external FTPs
  • Import screen now shows a timeout warning when attempting to import more than 50MB files
  • If output path is entered incorrectly on export, it will automatically be reformatted
  • Unsecure (HTTP) connections will no longer be accepted; browsers will be seamlessly redirected to a secure connection (HTTPS)
  • Product names are exported in the correct case (UPPERCASE and lowercase) that was inputted into PFL
  • Timeout threshold has been increased from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Add Multiples Fields options on Edit Export Template page will now properly handle line breaks between field names
  • Assets with non-standard file names (files that do not follow naming convention filename.extension – like 123456.jpg) will no longer break product detail pages for products with no associated assets
  • Import of new assets with non-standard file names will no longer be permitted